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Hoosier Values. Strong Leadership. A Better Indiana.

Senator Travis Holdman is proud to represent Senate District 19 which serves all of Adams, Blackford, Jay, Wells, and portions of Huntington and Grant counties.

Senator Holdman and his wife, Becky, live in rural Wells County where they raised their two adult children, LeAnne and Wesley. Travis and Becky are also busy with their two grandchildren, Couper and Riley.

In addition to his duties in the part-time legislature, the Senator founded Holdman Consult, which does estate planning and bank consulting work. He is also the former CEO of MarkleBank/IAB Financial Bank. He previously served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Wells County, Wells County Republican Party Chair, Board Chair of the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, and on the Huntington University Foundation and Board of Trustees.

In the early years of their marriage, the Senator and his wife served nearly two years as short-term missionaries in Haiti with Project Help. They have continued to connect with missionaries and their work in Haiti. The Senator also participated as an Associate Trainer for EQUIP on six mission trips to Ghana (West Africa) to do leadership training with Ghanaian civic, church, and government leaders. The Senator currently serves on the National Board of Youth For Christ/USA as its Foundation Chair.

The Holdmans are active in their local church where the Senator serves as a Worship Leader and is Staff-Parish Chair. He is a charter member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association.


  • Senator Holdman is dedicated to...
  • Life: Author of legislation that has led to a 33% decline in the abortion rate in Indiana and made Indiana one of the most pro-life states in the nation.
  • The 2nd Amendment: A staunch supporter and defender of our right to bear arms, Travis Holdman has worked with the NRA to author legislation that protects the rights of Hoosier gun owners.
  • Religious Freedom: Committed to defending our Constitutional right to practice our faith and supports President Trump’s guidelines to protect religious liberty.
  • Jobs: A small business owner, Travis Holdman understands the importance of helping our local small businesses and farms grow and create jobs to help the economy and the middle class.
  • Fiscal Conservative: Helped cap property taxes, cut income taxes, and eliminate the death tax in Indiana and has consistently voted for balanced budgets that live within our means while supporting a balanced budget amendment to the state constitution.
  • Agriculture: Authored the “Right-to-Farm” Bill to protect Hoosier farmers from frivolous lawsuits and supported legislation to provide protection for farmers from liberal activist groups like PETA who seek to disrupt or shut down family farms.


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